1. What are the benefits of Canadian Tire Gift Cards?

Canadian Tire Gift Cards are:

  • Available in denominations of $10, $25, $50 or $100
  • Accepted in over 480 stores, 400 auto centres and 250 gas bars nationwide. 
  • Visit www.canadiantire.ca to browse products online.
  • Redeemable for thousands of items at any Canadian Tire store or auto service centre.
  • An exciting part of any employee incentive program
  • Perfect as a gift for any special occasion

Save 1% to 5% on large orders!

Our B2B cards are sent inactive, but will be activated once the first swipe for redemption occurs. Please note that if a balance check is done at a store prior to the first redemption, the register will show an error. This is supposed to happen. If a balance check is needed, call the number on the back of the card.

Canadian Tire Gift cards never expire -- all the more reason to stock up now!

2. What results can Gift Cards help you achieve?
  • Improved motivation and performance when used as part of an employee incentive program
  • Increased customer loyalty when used in a rewards program
3. Where are Gift Cards accepted?
  • Gift Cards can be redeemed at more than 480 Canadian Tire stores, 400 service centres and 250 gas bars coast to coast.
  • Gift Cards are not redeemable online and may not be applied as payment on Canadian Tire credit accounts.
4. How do I order?

If you are an existing customer, please login to your account and place your order. If you are a new customer, please click hereto create an account and start ordering today.

5. What are the associated fees?

There are no set up fees, no processing fees, and no minimum order quantities.

6. What are the payment options?

The methods of payment accepted are:

  • Credit Card
  • Cheque*
  • Certified Company Cheque*
  • Money Order*
  • Money Wire Transfer

*Payment submitted via Cheque, Certified Company Cheque or Money order will be held for a clearance period of 10 business days if you do not have 3 consecutive months of activity with us, or have not reached a $25,000 order minimum. Please plan orders accordingly.

7. When will I receive my order?

Gift Cards are usually shipped via FedEx within 48 hours of receiving payment.

8. What are the shipping costs?

All shipping and handling charges are incurred by Canadian Tire.

9. What denominations of cards are available?

The denominations available as part of the Canadian Tire Gift Card program are:

  • $10
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
10. Are there any volume discounts given to large orders?

Yes, please refer to the chart below:

 Order Total  Discount
 $10,000  1%
 $25,000  2%
 $50,000  3%
 $75,000  4%
 $100,000+  5%